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Phil Mikkelson, a designer, producer, and artist based in Ashland, OR, creates Light Sculptures, Waterfalls, and Retro Gaming Counter Consoles that blend art with functionality to form unique objects and instruments of intrigue.

With a background in website and video game development, as well as nonprofit support, he brings a unique perspective to creative production.


The Personhood Bill - 28th Amendment

The Personhood Bill - a story inspired, researched, and co-created with AI. I’d like to thank my non-human co-collaborators - Midjourney, ChatGPT, Bard and Runway Gen-2.

Living Waterfall for Ashland Wellness Center

Ashland Wellness Center is a Psilocybin therapy center providing a new approach to mental health utilizing naturally occurring compounds under the guidance of trained professionals.

Mutari 2023 Counter Console

Retro Gaming Console that supports RaspberryPI, HyperSpin (PC), Pandora, JAMMA, rapid fire and screen casting to a larger display.

Experienced in design, project management, marketing, AI collaboration, and a member of Ashland Galleries Association.

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